Tech bringing out the worst in you? It’s time to tame it

The compromise, malleability and resolution of tech

The Compromise

Technology isn’t just digital. We started with stone tools. A hardware technology that made hunting and building easier. Then, came agriculture. A revolutionary tech — growing food in one place had lots of desirable side effects. We could grow more food, sustain a larger population, and people could specialize.

The Configurability

The digital technology revolution seems different because I wasn’t here for the invention of writing and money.

  • Don’t want the hassle with random people messaging you? You can disable all inbound requests.

The resolution

Tech as it stands isn’t perfect. Like we saw, the business model is concrete. Companies don’t want you to move it around.

I write about Code and Life philosophies. Sometimes both. | | Engineer @Bloomberg | Write (Code). Create. Recurse.

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