How to escape mediocrity

A Commencement Speech for myself

The point isn’t just to get to the Feudal Age — it’s to not stay a peasant when you reach there.

In other words,

When you’re too young for something, you can’t do anything about it till you’re older. You’re helpless.

When you haven’t had enough time to do something, all you have to do is find the time to do it. You’re in complete control.

Of course, the inversion works well for being too old, too.

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Are you in control of your life? Source

Becoming Conscious

The first thing is the staircase of consciousness.


The second thing is our dear old friend, reading.

Sure enough, treading along the beaten path, you’re going to get to the final Imperial Information Age. The question is, will you be a peasant when you reach the Imperial Age, or a noble. That is determined solely by the actions you take.

Sprinkle a little bit of luck on top, and you might just make it to an even better place — You become the lucky noble who takes over the crown next.

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Neil, Brighton Beach, United Kingdom


* For people who don’t get the reference, I’m talking about the Ages in Age of Empires. So Dark Age < Feudal Age < Castle Age < Imperial / Information Age.

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I write about Code and Life philosophies. Sometimes both. | | Engineer @Bloomberg | Write (Code). Create. Recurse.

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