Dear Medium

I don’t like your affair with journalism

Neil Kakkar


Do you know what I don’t like about the news?

None of it matters.

And I don’t want to spend my time reading about things that don’t matter.

It’s probably a gripe with most journalists. I don’t respect people who talk to a few “experts” and think they’ve got the entire field figured out. Although, I do love people who are able to do this — most of them aren’t journalists.

If I want to read op-eds or the news, I’d head over to the National Enquirer. Or Washington Post. or New York Times.

I don’t want to come to Medium and see this.

screenshot by the author

Or this.

screenshot by the author

I don’t mean every feature piece. That piece above by Kate Willsky is great. It’s not clickbait. It has something important to share.

The features signal who you like, who you want and who you are.

Do you know what I loved about Medium?

It’s where the good ideas were.

Maybe they are still here. I can’t reach them though.

It was an organised fringe. Separate from the journalism-haven. Rough. The sweet spot between the world of Reddit and mainstream news.

Instead of hunting for amazing people — like I would on Reddit — I had a useful feed curated to my interests with new people I’d find interesting.

It was a discovery platform. Not mainstream, where you need credentials to write. Neither an insignificant hole on the internet. If you had something interesting to say, people would listen.

That’s what made Medium so great.

A culmination of self-experimenters, hackers working on interesting things — and the single mom writing about how she sorted her life out — all coming together on a single platform to share their ideas.



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