A Mental Model for Germs

Germs are small, sticky, and omnipresent

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What do germs look like

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Principle #1: Germs are small, and can stick to almost anything

Principle #2: Germs have a lifespan, and are very hard to kill

Principle #3: Germs procreate rapidly

Can I eat something that just fell on the floor?

Can I blow away germs?

How is water safe to drink from streams with slimy moss beneath them?

Skin flora and the Immune System

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Where do germs grow


How do germs spread?

How do germs infect?

What’s the dirtiest body part?

How to prevent germs from spreading?

Where do germs grow?

I just washed my hands. How many germs are there now?

Is it worth keeping everything clean, always?

Raw food in the kitchen. Is it safe to prepare? Can I clean things with a wet cloth?

Why should I dry myself before wearing clothes?

Why do you need flu shots every year, but vaccines for measles works forever after childhood?

What should I remember about germs, always?

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