A Guide to Climate Change

What’s your purpose in the fight against climate change?

The Problem

from IPCC

Intuition for Climate Change


Learn from the past

Exxon didn’t care about how much the world would warm, only how much it could be blamed for.

There’s no local optimum, only a global optimum

Building awareness

from xkcd

Things to be aware of — Trees

Things to be aware of — Beef

Things to be aware of — Transport

Things to be aware of — Concrete

Things to be aware of — Carbon Footprint

Things to be aware of — Carbon Offsets

Long term thinking requires a concerted effort


Most policymakers today will be dead by the time we feel the effects of their climate change policies.

In systems with delayed output, the next best thing to measure is the quality of the inputs.

A page from the 2019 Spain Policy Outlook report, BloombergNEF

Fostering Innovation

Innovations in renewables

Innovations in meat

Innovations in nuclear


Sustainable processes

Bioplastics and material innovation

The feedback loop

Our purpose

from xkcd

Unexplored ideas to tackle


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