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Building frameworks to generate best practices

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Learn the rare skills of admirable people

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Have you ever wanted to learn the first principles that underlie combinatronics? You’re going to need some bells.

Learn why people do the things they do, and how to deal with them

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Knowing how to sequence things is powerful

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  1. Assuming you didn’t understand someone after you accuse them of spewing nonsense is much harder to recover from. If you’d checked your understanding first, you’d be in a better situation.
  2. For most people, sleeping earlier with the same number of hours leads to better sleep. So, netflix binging during the…

A walkthrough for solving technical problems using different lenses

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It’s a foundational concept in statistics, and the key to understanding a range of natural phenomena

In 2018, I started working at Bloomberg. Things have changed a lot since then

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Neil Kakkar

I write about Code and Life philosophies. Sometimes both. | | Engineer @Bloomberg | Write (Code). Create. Recurse.

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