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When you take ownership of a project, something changes. You become responsible for everything that happens with the project.

Things go wrong? That’s on you. Customers are unhappy? That’s on you. You shipped something that doesn’t solve the problem? That’s on you.

Ideally, you have a process that reduces the…

Have you ever wanted to learn the first principles that underlie combinatronics? You’re going to need some bells.

Here’s the short version.

Let’s take ringing bells in a church as an example.

A permutation is an ordering of the bells. You’re figuring out the best order to ring your bells, one at a time.

A combination is the choice of bells. You’re choosing the bells that you’re going…

Learn why people do the things they do, and how to deal with them

Have you ever had your boss pass their mistakes on to you?

Well, Bob the Boss does. At a critical meeting, Bob asks his team for suggestions on how to fix things. Alice shares an interesting idea, and Bob takes it to upper management. However, it ends up making things…

It’s a foundational concept in statistics, and the key to understanding a range of natural phenomena

Meet Mason. He’s an average American 40-year-old: 5 foot 10 inches tall and earning $47,000 per year before tax.

How often would you expect to meet someone who earns 10x as much as Mason?

And now, how often would you expect to meet someone who is 10x as tall as…

Neil Kakkar

I write about Code and Life philosophies. Sometimes both. | | Engineer @Bloomberg | Write (Code). Create. Recurse.

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